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I don't even recognize deviantart much anymore and the front page kinda looks tacky. But I still check here expecting something exciting and new kinda like the way one repeatedly checks the fridge expecting more food

I feel sad again though, this place used to have more meaning to me. I'm feeling half feelings of "good riddance", but I also made many good friends here. So many other well-known artists have grown from here too. The artist interviews that have happened during dA's peak before its fall was so handy to read. Tutorials here mattered so much and was revolutionary at the time lol. Newsletters involving artists helping out the community like Christmas cards was cool. Polls even were fun to put up (though there were both good/thought-provoking polls, and faulty polls...). It was a place SPECIFICALLY for artists, and not just draw, but talk to each other within deviations or journals (which are separate communicative spaces not stared at by "everyone within your FEED") and participate in CONTESTS...but man do times change

Anyway, I guess it's for those reasons that I never quite have it in me to quit this place altogether. It was where I cultivated much of my art skills from incredibly shoddy styles to something decent. If deviantart wasn't around, I'm not even sure if I would be drawing now tbh. The inspiration I got from this place kept me going. I'm improving now, but that was because I was improving THEN, too.

Just some food for thought I wanted to share; if this doesn't make the most coherent sense, it is because it is almost time to go to bed lol


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Emerging Media and Communications major. I draw stuff for fun; lots of subtle inconsistencies abound. I'm not accepting any more art trades/requests/commissions.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my gallery! <--Website that holds all my other art accounts

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